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Adding the Facebook Pixel to Multiple Sites

Many people wonder about adding the Facebook pixel to multiple sites.  Should you do that?  Can you do that?  When is it not a good idea?

This post will clear up some of the mystery around how the Facebook pixel works best and best practices to using the pixel effectively.


Can You Put the Facebook Pixel on Multiple Sites?

The short answer is: yes!

Some people think that you need to create a new pixel for every website but that actually can remove some of the power you have with the Facebook pixel.

You can have multiple Facebook Pixels but you often don’t need them.

The pixel will “learn” more effectively with more traffic.

Facebook tracks the type of people who are becoming Leads and “learns” who those people are and then tries to prioritize showing the ads to those people first (within your set targeting).


When Should You Put the Facebook Pixel on Multiple Sites

It is helpful to put the Facebook Pixel on multiple sites when the audience will be the same on both sites.

Adding the pixel to multiple sites can be especially useful for things like landing pages or LeadPages where you are advertising an ebook that isn’t on your main website.

Or if you are having a webinar, you can often put your Facebook Pixel onto those sites or platforms as well so that Facebook can track things like registrations, or leads, or conversions. You can also re-target people who have been to that site.

So if you’re having a webinar, for example, and you’re using something like Zoom, or Demio, or ClickMeeting, or WebinarJam, you can take your Facebook Pixel and install it on that webinar site and on that landing page and then track the conversions.

You can also see where your pixel is installed in the Events Manager to makes sure it’s tracking the right traffic.

Adding the Facebook Pixel to multiple sites


When Shouldn’t you Put the Facebook Pixel on Multiple Sites?

ONLY put the Facebook pixel on multiple websites if the audience is going to be the same.

For example, if you have a jewelry business and you also do business coaching, those audiences will be different and behave differently. (Except for fashionable business clients).

So in that case you are better off creating a new Ads Manager to run those ads in separate accounts with different pixels.

You can create multiple Ad Accounts within the Business Manager and run those businesses separately.


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